Cluster 1 Rules / Rates

Don't Block Resources / Spawns / Land Caves Anything built near resource rich nodes, excessive beaver spawns, excessive charge nodes, or any other spots preventing someone from "game progression" will be removed using the remove ALL tribe structures command. All artifacts must be accessible without impediment
Don't Spam Structures If a tribe is found to be spamming structures all around the map, they will be removed using the remove ALL tribe structures command. Clean up your taming spikes / pens immediately after use.
Base Locations All base locations must be in fully textured areas that can be accessed via crouchwalk, a ptera flying (no spin), Aberration climbing tools, jetpack, or grapple.
Don't Grief Others As to be determined by admins.


• Killing a player repeatedly within a very short period of time is considered griefing.
• Locking a player up in a cage for more than 2 hours is considered griefing.
• While raiding, dino kills should be prevented whenever possible. Don't kill passive dinos unless they're in the way, leave them something to come back to. Large tribes (12+ turrets) are not protected by this.
• Building foundations all around someone's base to prevent them from expanding is considered griefing.
• Tribe members & owners are accountable for ALL actions of their tribemates.
• Just don't be a dick and you will enjoy playing in this server.
• ARK may be released now but its still buggy, dinos will get glitched and bodies will fall under the map. Our admins aren't here to assist you with every game glitch. This is a 2.5x server so it won't be that hard to replace whatever you lost.

Setting Modifier
Experience 2.5x
Taming 2.5x
Harvesting 2.5x
Resource Replenishment 2x
Egg Hatching 3x
Baby Maturation 3x
Structures on Platform 2x
Wild Max Dino Level 150
Third Person Enabled
Map Location Enabled
Admin Chat Logging Enabled
Engram Points Covers all engrams
Turrets on Quetz Disabled
Unlimited Respec Enabled
[4/28] PvP Showdown Ragnarok [10x] - (v345.35)
Map: Ragnarok Players: ? / 60
[4/28] PvP Showdown Valguero [10x] - (v345.35)
Map: Valguero_P Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster TheIsland [3x PvP] - (v345.31)
Map: The Island Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster Ragnarok [3x PvP] - (v345.31)
Map: Ragnarok Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster TheCenter [3x PvP] - (v345.31)
Map: The Center Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster SE [3x PvP] - (v345.31)
Map: Scorched Earth Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster Aberration [3x PvP] - (v345.31)
Map: Aberration Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster Extinction [3x PvP] - (v345.31)
Map: Extinction Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster Valguero [3x PvP] - (v345.31)
Map: Valguero_P Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster Genesis [3x PvP] - (v345.31)
Map: Genesis Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster Crystal Isles [3x PvP] - (v345.31)
Map: CrystalIsles Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster Genesis2 [3x PvP] - (v345.22)
Map: Gen2 Players: ? / 60
JOIN Cluster LostIsland [3x PvP] - (v345.31)
Map: LostIsland Players: ? / 60